Thursday, 17 April 2014

Oxford University Museums

Today we took the train to Oxford to visit the university museums; the Oxford Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum. These are old style museums, fabulous if you love lots and lots of specimens and artefacts and hate distracting computer interactives (there are none!). I heard more than one group of people visiting the museums comment that "this is the best museum we have ever been to". And even better its all free.

The natural history museum has thousands of rocks, minerals, stuffed animals, bones, fossils, insects, and squidgy things in alcohol. It also has a live bee colony and some huge cockroaches. R loved the trilobites and huge crystals whilst L liked all things cuddly and fluffy and bony.

Joined to the Natural History Museum is the Pitt Rivers Museum specialising in anthropology. Here you'll find thousands of objects grouped together in themed cases such as "houses", "clothes", "religious symbols" and "pottery". Our favourite cases were "treatment of dead enemies", which included shrunken heads, "weapons and torture", "armour", "toys and games" and "using feathers".

Treatment of dead enemies case

Shrunken heads

Man traps

Games and tricks

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