Saturday, 28 April 2018

Cake Decorating

These school holidays the children took a cake decorating workshop. They made these fondant decorations and piped the icing.

Monday, 23 April 2018

A Day at Perth Cultural Centre

Today we went into Perth Cultural Centre to see several exhibitions. First up was the Museum of WA Discovery Zone in the State Library. The museum is still being renovated until 2020 but you can see some of the collections in the State Library.

These live in Perth but we have never seen one flying around

The typewriter was popular!

Still at the State Library we went to see the children's sketchbooks on show with over 100 others in the Propel Youth Arts Sketchbook Project. They look great all together.

Nearby is the Art Gallery of WA. The permanent collections have just been rehung and there are several temporary exhibition on including "A Window on Italy", "Year 12 Perspectives", "Tom Malone Prize" (glass), and "Julie Dowling" (Aboriginal Art). There was plenty we hadn't seen before. I had the zoom lens on so it was tricky getting some of our favourite large pictures in the camera frame!