Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Paper Sculpture

This morning we experimented with thin card and a range of tools to see what shapes we could make with card. The children used plain and wavy scissors, punches, Stanley knife, and cutting templates.

Paper sculpture experiment by L

Paper sculpture experiment by R

This week we have been looking at a Picasso Sculpture called "Head of a Woman". We decided to make our own sculptures similar to Picasso's. We used paper and thick and thin card and some of the techniques we had learnt in the experimental session.

Figure by R

Figure by L

Making Our Mummy - Part 3

Today we unearthed our mummy fish from its natron for the last time and got it ready for burial. First we covered the body with scented oils which we made from cooking oil and mixed spice.

The dried out fish mummy

Rubbing in scented oil

Next we wrapped the body with strips of unbleached cotton.

Wrapping the mummy

Wrapping the mummy

All done ready to bury

Once it was ready we buried it in the garden.

The mummy placed in the earth.

Burying the mummy

It was a fun project to do and I really think the children have a good understanding of the mummification process now that they have made their own mummy.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Flower Study

Today we have been learning about plant structure. This afternoon we dissected and examined a flower. The children labelled drawings in their nature journals. We used this diagram from Chicago Green Teachers.

Diagram from Chicago Green Teachers

By R

By R

By L

We had been discussing how plants take up water. We examined a slice of plant stem under our microscope to see the spaces within it where water can be stored. We decided to add some food colouring to our flower's water so we could see the water being taken up and distributed throughout the plant. We left one pot with plain water as a control. It happened a lot faster than I expected with the petals becoming coloured within a few minutes.

White flowers are given some coloured water to drink.

Coloured water spreads through the flower

Coloured water spreads through the flower 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Winners At Camden Show

Yesterday we made our annual visit to the fantastic Camden Show. We had chance to enjoy lots of events and displays and we learnt lots about farming, animals and crops. The highlight of the day was discovering that the children had won 5 prizes in the arts and craft show. Two firsts (photography and needlework) and a second (colour sketch) for R and two seconds (collage and ceramics) for L.

Here are just a few of the things we enjoyed seeing at the show.

R fascinated by the organ as usual

Animal Wranglers

Woolworths food display

Fire fighting display

Copper cow

Ducks fashion parade

Bugs in the animal tent

Digging for potatoes

Rock climbing

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sydney Olympic Park

We joined our friends from Home-Education Penrith for a day trip to Sydney Olympic Park to see the Art Express exhibition and to visit  the Birds Australia Discovery Centre. We also had time to visit the fantastic new play area at Blaxland Riverside Park, and the huge Scholastic book fair.

Here are some of our favourite works from the Art Express exhibition which contains art by HSC students.

After lunch at the playground our group visited the Birds Australia Discovery Centre. We saw some films from their sea eagle cam, learnt about local bird-life, examined some stuffed specimens and had a go at bird spotting with binoculars.

Our busy day finished off with a mega spending spree at the hugely discounted Scholastic book fair.