Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Twice Ice

Today we made two really unhealthy recipes: coconut ice and ice-cream.

Coconut Ice

Vanilla Ice-Cream

The ice-cream was very easy. Just whip cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence together with an electric blender. Then freeze. Yummy and way nicer (and additive free) than commercial ice-cream.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Independent Writing

R wrote this little note for me today. Needless to say I was chuffed to bits!

Making Our Mummy - Part 2

Today we unearthed our mummy fish which has been in the garage for a week. It didn't actually smell very much and it is already drying out and going stiff.

We threw out the natron and then covered the fish with another fresh layer. We'll leave it for a week and then look again.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Potion Recipe

R made up this potion recipe today. Wizards use it to turn their skin black. It's inspired by the Harry Potter novels I'm sure.

Landscape Photography

Today the children had a go at landscape photography. Dad took them along to Mount Annan Botanic Gardens for this lesson where there is plenty of nice scenery.

Setting the camera up for landscape photography

R takes a photo

L has a turn

By L

R composes the photo below

By R

By R

Getting closer to the blue tree

By L

By R

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Art Express 2012

Today we visited the Art Gallery of NSW to see Art Express. This is an exhibition of the best work by HSC students. Here are some of our favourite pieces:

We also took the opportunity to visit the Picasso exhibition again and see the pictures we have been studying in real life. Later we joined a "laugh out loud" interactive storytelling show for children which investigated some of the stories behind modern art pieces. Catch it if you can.

Friday, 24 February 2012


Today we tried our hands at felting. Here's how:

First we laid out some wool fibres on top of a piece of bubble wrap (bubbles up). Then we made a second layer on top running the opposite direction to the first layer. We added a third layer, again alternating the direction the fibres were laid down.

Next we added small pieces of wool, silk, and yarns to decorate our top layer. 

We covered the finished pile of fibres with a piece of net, this keeps them in place whilst we felt.

Next we wet the pile with hot water. 

We rubbed in some soap and then gave it a good rub all over for several minutes. The fibres were beginning to felt together. 

Next carefully remove the net layer and then roll up the fibres with the bubble wrap. Roll on the table for a few minutes. Then open, rotate 90 degrees, roll up and repeat.

Once the piece is felted, wash out the soap under hot water and rub the felt against itself. 

Lastly squeeze out the water and then throw the felt repeatedly in the sink. This firms it up and shrinks it a bit more.

Here are the finished pieces.

L's felt - front

L's felt - back

R's felt - front

R's felt - back

Now we have learnt how to felt we are going to make a piece depicting a landscape. Watch this space.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Monster Pots

Today we joined our friends from Home Education Penrith to make monster pots from air dry clay. The children worked on slab pots, coil pots and thumb pots. Here are our results. We will paint them and add decorations once they are dry.

Textured slab pot by L

Snake coil pot by L

Smile pot by R

Slab monster pot with big legs by R

A pattern by L

A long tailed turtle by R

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Making Our Mummy - Part 1

Today we began making a mummified fish. The first part of the process uses a mixture of salt and baking soda which is similar in composition to the naturally occurring natron used by the ancient Egyptians. The natron will dry the body out before it is wrapped.

We used a small fish as our "body". I had the fishmonger remove the internal organs. The Egyptians would have placed the organs into canopic jars. First we cleaned the fish and washed it in wine just like the Egyptians would have done.

Washing the body in wine

Washing the body in wine

Next we stuffed the body cavity with natron. This will dry out the inside and help to preserve the shape.

Stuffing the body with natron

Stuffing the body with natron

We then laid the body on a layer of natron and then covered it over with more. We'll leave it for a week before we take a look.

Covering the body with natron

Check back next week to see how it goes.