Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Lego® Relics exhibition

Yesterday, I went to the Lego® Relics exhibition, in Claremont. Some of the exhibits included a post-apocalyptic city inside the rear end of an old VW Beetle, and an icy settlement inside a vintage fridge!
The city in the VW Beetle

Detail of the VW city - shows all the moving parts!

The settlement in the fridge
Fridge life detail

There were even more exhibits than this, such as Terabyte Tower (an awesome exhibit lit with black lights, based in old PCs and office equipment in the darkness), and one inside an old piano.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Envirofest 2020


This weekend we went to Whiteman Park for Envirofest. There were several displays of native wildlife, flora and fauna.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Wine glass bubble photograpy!


This is my favourite picture, I especially like the outlined bit on the right. (above here)

Today we did some bubble photography in a wine glass. We used extention tubes on the camera, and a flashbox to light it up.

Another picture done by blowing on the bubbles.

My other two favourite pics.

More bubble photography!

 Today for my photography lesson, I was taking photos of bubbles on wine glasses. This is done using a bubble mixture, an external flash box, and a black tablecloth. These are the results:

Community garden


On sundays we go to a community garden, and work there for a while.

The corn bed, and me taking notes at a hay bale garden bed workshop.

Monday, 9 November 2020

Eyeball Photography 👁

 Today, we were doing photography of eyeballs. We even managed to get a picture of a cat eyeball (surprising, considering that the cats never sit still)!

Here are the results:

In order: Columbus the cat, L, and me.

Eye Photograpy 👁


This is a photo of my eye (L), taken outdoors.

It was quite difficult to get the eyes focused because the eyelashes kept being in focus, also it kept not being bright enough, so we had to put the ISO to 1600 to make it bright enough, also we had to use a torch some of the times!

Another one of me, but taken indoors this time.

I took quite a few of Columbus, because he was finally still enough to photograph!