Monday, 5 March 2012

Morton & Budderoo National Parks

After studying the types of forests found in Australia we headed off to Morton and Budderoo National Parks to look at the real thing.

First stop was the mainly eucalyptus forest at Fitzroy Falls. After a quick stop to look at the stuffed animals in the visitors centre we headed out on a walk to see some of the falls.

After our nature study on ferns the children were particularly on the look out for all the different types.

After our picnic lunch we headed to the expensive but enjoyable Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk through the temperate rainforest of gums, tree ferns and a few palms. The walkway takes you up to 45m above the ground.

Lastly we headed further down hill to the Minnamurra Rainforest Centre. This area has a more tropical rainforest feel with lots of ferns, ephiphytes, huge rainforest trees- some with poisonous leaves, fan palms, fungi and strangler figs.

We saw a range of wildlife including insects, lizards and Lyre birds.

The children had a great time pointing out things they had been learning about at home and they walked amazing well - over 5km!

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  1. beautiful photos! Your children are very fortunate to have these experiences.