Monday, 26 March 2012

Flower Study

Today we have been learning about plant structure. This afternoon we dissected and examined a flower. The children labelled drawings in their nature journals. We used this diagram from Chicago Green Teachers.

Diagram from Chicago Green Teachers

By R

By R

By L

We had been discussing how plants take up water. We examined a slice of plant stem under our microscope to see the spaces within it where water can be stored. We decided to add some food colouring to our flower's water so we could see the water being taken up and distributed throughout the plant. We left one pot with plain water as a control. It happened a lot faster than I expected with the petals becoming coloured within a few minutes.

White flowers are given some coloured water to drink.

Coloured water spreads through the flower

Coloured water spreads through the flower 

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  1. Awesome. I was taught botany at this age too - almost 70 years ago now. Thanks for caring so much about educating kids. The more they learn and know EARLY on, the more they will be able to learn and know all thru life. All knowledge, like everything else in the Universe - is linked. Be sure to explain the Latin & Greek nomenclature - it is marvelously descriptive and the definitions will stick with the kids all thru their lives and they will be able to extrapolate that information and fold it into other aspects of learning.