Sunday, 24 July 2011

Focus on English

This term I am going to try to be more consistent with English lessons. L is working on Jolly Phonics (see previous post), and I have just started R with Jolly Grammar.

Jolly Grammar handbook

The 2 books go together well. Both focus on phonics but also include tricky words (those that cannot be sounded out). L is learning how to read the words whilst R is moving onto spelling them correctly. We are also using ideas from the book "Success With Sight Words". All the books are available on Amazon.

This week we are working on the tricky words "I" and "the". R is working on the sound "sh" and Lilly is working on blending. We have made the words by drawing them with gluey fingers and covering them with glitter. The children also used stamps to write the words. 

Using stamps to write "I" and "the"

R also completes the worksheets from the grammar book, works on handwriting, crosswords and word-searches. Download a word-search maker here and crossword maker here. R will have spellings and dictation each week.

R works on a word-search
Both children read aloud most days and R continues his diary. English also comes up in all other subjects and we have a vocabulary list for our topic on display. 

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