Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I have been using Jolly Phonics to teach reading and spelling. It's a great program which includes 42 main sounds, and common alternatives. Also included are tricky words; those which cannot be sounded out. R learnt to read with this system and L is well on the way. The handbook gives you lots of printouts including flash cards, games and worksheets. In addition I made some sandpaper letters to engage the tactile sense. We also have a post box for letter and word matching games and letter stamps and ink pad. There is also a series of readers and a DVD to accompany the other materials.

Some of the materials I use to teach phonics
L blends letters to read words and finds the matching picture, before posting the pair into the postbox

R is working on the sound er/ir/ur. Using letter stamps
We also use lots of different board games, books and puzzles to reinforce phonics learning. One of the best is Alphabet Soundtracks.
Alphabet soundtracks. R uses the harder side of the lotto board which has no pictures.
R usually completes a handwriting sheet each day. I have been using Write From The Start books which have lots of simple fine motor pencil exercises before building up to letters. His handwriting has really improved.
Handwriting books

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