Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Museum Professionals at Whiteman Park

Today we went along to the Revolutions Transport Museum at Whiteman Park for the workshop "Artefact Investigator". The children learnt how museums collect their artefacts, how they choose which to keep and ways to conserve and display them.

We got to go behind the scenes to the collection store where we examined some items from the collection. We wore white cotton gloves to protect the artefacts from oils on our hands.

Mini horse saddle

We saw some of the objects that are currently off display and not usually seen by the public.

Child's saddle

Horse drawn hearse
The children tried some archaeology and then cleaned up their artefacts.

Next they filled in a catalogue card, made and attached a label to their artefacts and set up a museum display.

We looked around the museum at the transport displays which included a really old tram car.

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