Sunday, 17 April 2016

City Culture

There was a lot going on in Perth this weekend with several cultural festivals and exhibitions. First up was the KickstART art festival. The children got involved in making an outdoor sculpture whilst listening to various bands on the stage. There was also the opportunity to try out croquet.

As part of the festival the State Library of WA was showing the travelling sketchbook exhibition with art by young people across the state.

In the same area the Art Gallery of WA was showing Comic Tragics. The children, R in particular, enjoyed looking at the different comic art on display. We hope to draw some of our own this week.

Also showing at the gallery was year 12 Perspectives - some works by graduating year 12 students from WA.

We also took in the Buddha's Birthday celebrations at Langley Park. Of course everyone was most interested in tasting some delicious vegetarian Chinese foods.

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