Saturday, 30 July 2011

Testing Materials

This week we have carried out 2 more experiments with our collection of different materials. The children sorted materials into 3 groups: transparent, translucent and opaque. There was some discussion about materials which you could see through due there being holes in them. The children decided to put these in a group on their own. We discussed what materials would be good for windows, bathroom windows, curtains etc.

The children also tested the materials to see which were waterproof. We discussed how to make the test fair and decided to use one syringe of water for each sample. You can get plastic syringes from the chemist.

We used food colouring to make it easier to see the water. The materials were stretched across a jar and held in place with an elastic band. Any water seeping through the material could be seen dripping into the jar. A baking tray collected all the spills.

L adds water to some sponge. 

R tests metal to see if it is waterproof.
We discussed which materials would be suitable for umbrellas, coats, roofing etc.

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