Friday, 15 July 2011

Planning For Term Three

Well I have spent several hours planning our activities for term 3. Last term we had a Geography focus so this term we are going to focus on History and Science. Our project is going to be architecture.

Firstly we are going to find out about properties of materials and test them practically in lots of different ways. Then we will build the house of  "the old woman who lives in a shoe", making sure we chose appropriate materials. Then its the turn of the 3 little pigs. We are going to build their 3 houses and then blow them down, which one will survive intact?

We are going to find out about how buildings are made, and luckily the house opposite us is being built right now so we have an example right here.  We will work on shapes, their properties and how they are used in buildings and other structures. We will make some buildings and bridges and test their strength.

We will research and find out about buildings from history, from other countries and we will investigate famous buildings. We are going to make models and art works and a time line street.

As we ourselves will be moving house soon the children will have a go at some garden design and interior design.

As well as our project we will be working on

  • counting
  • number bonds
  • tables
  • vocabulary of time
  • shapes
  • phonics
  • tricky words
  • reading
  • spelling
  • writing
  • handwriting
  • cooking
  • mouse skills
  • typing
  • databases
  • fine motor skills
  • drawing
  • piano
  • singing

We will also be attending our home education group for music/dance/drama, culture of Venice, model making, art, and of course play!

Its going to be busy!

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