Saturday, 9 July 2011

"All About Me" Lap-books

R's lap-book (left) L's lap-book (right)

We have been working on an "ourselves" project for a while and the children have just completed their 1st lap-book. To find out more about lap-books and see some more complicated ones than ours visit this great Squidoo lens. The children used their self portraits to decorate the front cover.

Mini books inside R's lap-book

Mini-books inside R's lap-book

Mini -books inside L's lap-book

I went looking for old photos of the children. First I asked them to sort out who was who. Some of the baby photos were quite difficult to identify. Next they had to look carefully at their features and abilities in the photos and put them into date order. I had firsts like birthdays, first solid food, learning to crawl and walk among the collection. Then they stuck them into an accordion book to make a time line of their lives.

R's life timeline
L's life timeline

R also made a time line of his morning, putting in the clock times, and pictures of events.

R's morning timeline minibook

I printed out a template for a "facts about me" booklet. The children had to measure various parts of themselves and record the data. We don't have bathroom weighing scales so we are going to weigh ourselves at the garden centre next time we visit.

R's "facts about me" mini-book
Inside R's mini-book

To get some maths vocabulary into the project I printed out lots of measurement words and the children pasted them onto a family photograph where they felt them to be most appropriate. See I have been blessed with the description heaviest and old!

L's vocabulary book

Once all the mini-books were made we stuck them inside the folder to complete our lap-book.

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