Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Margaret River Region - Lots of Rocks

It's warming up here in Margaret River so today we went first to Ngilgi Cave before heading to the beach.

The cave was great fun and we had loads of time to look around as it is self-guided. First up was the "Tunnel of Doom", a special crawl through entrance just for kids. If you're too big to fit through (or too scared) you can just walk around the corner and meet the brave adventures at the other end!

There are several magnificent chambers full of stalactites, stalagmites, shawls and flow-stones. Half way round the cave a guide is stationed to answer questions and point out areas of interest. R wanted to know all about adventure caving and dropping down into the lower levels on ropes.

We drove down to nearby Canal Rocks for lunch, a paddle in the sea and to explore the rocks and pools.

After that we though it was about time to sample the regions specialities at the brewery, chocolate factory, cheese factory and gourmet food retailers! Returning to camp feeling a little full we decided to try the sensory trail. You must trust your partner to guide you round the course in the forest whist you are blindfolded. Turns out R doesn't trust me!

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