Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Margaret River Region - Two Last Caves

Today we visited Mammoth Cave (named for it's size, not because there were mammoths there) and the unlit Calgardup Cave.

Mammoth cave was truly huge and full of beautiful formations. Many fossils of extinct and living species have been uncovered here including marsupial mega-fauna. The cave has an informative audio guide about the cave's formation, discovery and wildlife.

We took the short bush walk back to the visitor centre

Our last cave of the trip was Calgardup cave. It was exciting to descend into the darkness with just a torch and hard hat. Although there was no rock scrambling we had to crouch down low in places. We managed to spot some tiny cave shrimps in the stream running through the cave.

Stalactites with tree-like growth rings

R spent the afternoon on the beginners mountain bike trails.

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