Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Margaret River Region - Cape 'n' Cave

We are camping and exploring the Margaret River Region. We have been biking through Blackwood River National Park which is close to our campsite. We took the short Chimney Track through the forest to the old mill chimney remains.

Today we travelled South to Augusta and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. From the top you can see the merging of the Southern and Indian Oceans at Australia's most South-Westerly point. We took an audio tour around the lighthouse grounds and a guided tour to the very top.

Southern Ocean (left) meets Indian ocean (right)

Nearby lies the remains of a waterwheel which was used to supply the lighthouse builders and keepers with fresh water. It no longer turns due to calcification.

We wandered onto nearby deserted beaches.

We discovered the location of the old railway and R tried unsuccessfully to get the truck rolling again.

In the afternoon we took a guided tour down into nearby Jewel Cave, the biggest show cave in Western Australia.

We've lots more to see. Check back tomorrow for more!

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