Sunday, 2 February 2014


Inca design by R
Well school holidays are finally over thank goodness and all the crowds are gone. We travelled down to Canberra and the National Gallery to see the Incas Exhibition. As usual we couldn't take any photos in the exhibition which was a real shame as there were some amazing objects on display. Lots of fabulous animal shaped pots and jars, gold and turquoise jewellery and crowns and colourful textiles.

Here are some pictures from the gallery website:

We took the kids audio tour which focused the children's attention onto a range of objects. There were lots of "wows" over the golden treasures. The gallery features a children's room where the kids had the opportunity to wear Inca clothes, make a crown, design a motif (top) and lots more.

Our little Inca

Using feathers to make a feathered textile piece

Weaving lama wool

L the Inca queen

We are going to use inspiration from the exhibition to design our own burial chest filled with treasures.

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