Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Camden Local Study - Visiting New Places

Today we set out to explore places we had never visited in our local area. We also looked for some geocaches along the way.

First up was Macarthur Park and the war memorial. We discussed the world wars and looked for wildlife as we walked around. Some of the trees in the park are thought to be over 600 years old!

Huge tree, kids for scale

Just up the road is St Johns Anglican Church and graveyard. We wandered around the graves reading the dates and discussing why so many people died young in the past and what life and living conditions were like in the past. We read the time on the clock using Roman numerals. It was too cloudy to use the sundial. The oldest grave we found was from 1845. We discovered our first geocache nearby.

We went into Camden town centre to try out a new cafe for lunch before heading along to Camden Town Farm and a second geocache find. The farm is now used by local people as a community garden and is full of scarecrows and vegetable plots. We were perhaps 3 blocks from Camden's main street and we right next to the countryside with views across to Camden Airport (top photo).

Last stop of the day was Camden Airport (and another geocache). It was quite cloudy today so no one was up in the gliders, although we did see a small aircraft take off.

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