Friday, 20 September 2013

Favourite Author Biography

The children have been finding out all about their favourite authors. Recently they wrote these biographies:

Adam Blade Biography By R

Adam blade is nearly 30. He lives in Kent, Great Britain. He got his inspiration from the sword and shield hanging on the study wall in his house. He made the character Tom. Tom is in all the Beast Quest books. He made Tom when he was a small boy and made the stories when he grew up. Two of Adam’s main hobbies are fencing and football. He likes to go to ancient battle sites and museums. He has two pets; a tarantula and a monkey. These pets gave him the inspiration for Claw the giant monkey and Arachnid the giant spider. Adam blade isn’t a real person! He’s actually four different people! They write the series Beast Quest and the Chronicles of Avantia.

Giles Andreae Biography By L

Giles Andreae was born in 1966. He’s an artist, he makes gift cards and writes books. Giles Andreae has 4 children. Giles Andreae has written lots of story books for children. My favourite book is called "Rumble in the Jungle". "The Lion Who Wanted to Love" won an award. Giles Andreae has sold more than 2 million books. He has sold lots of Purple Ronnie cards. Giles Andreae lives with his wife Victoria and 4 kids. He likes playing with his children. His favourite place to go is the beach. His favourite book is "Yertle the Turtle" by Dr Seuss.

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