Saturday, 6 April 2013


Today we went along to the Macarthur Centre For Sustainable Living for a free workshop on how to make scarecrows. Here are some photos of the process.

Joining two poles for the frame

Ripping an old pillow in two for the head

Stuffing a shirt to make the body

Our scarecrow had two faces so it can keep an eye on the birds from all directions.

Shortening the neck

Stuffing the trousers

One side of the finished scarecrow

The other side of the finished scarecrow

We had a look around the centre and its veggie garden for a good location to erect the scarecrow. We picked and tasted some of the veggies and strawberries growing in the garden and met the chickens. In the end we decided the peppers needed protection from the birds.

Looking for ladybirds in the pumpkins

Scarecrow in position

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