Sunday, 6 January 2013

Project Tables

Today I have been rearranging the learning space to add in some project tables.

I have one area where I have set up books associated with our current topic of fossils. We seem to have quite a few. This will form the basis of the assigned reading for the next few weeks. As we move onto a different unit study I will change the display.

Book resources area

I also have a fossil collection ready on my discovery table for the children to find tomorrow. I made lots of question cards to stimulate hands-on learning. Again I will change the objects and the question cards as we change topics.

Discovery table

One of my objectives for this year is for the children to write independently for pleasure. With this in mind I set up our new writing chest. Inside are lots of different pens and pencils, plain and lined papers, index cards, postcards (get free ones at tourist attractions), envelopes, post-it notes, forms and writing frames. There are some great resources to download free at sparklebox. The children played with it for ages today. There were lots of love letters written to Dad and I which got posted in the postbox. The writing frames were also popular.

By R

By R

By L - yes she did ask me how to spell champagne

By L

I have also allocated a place for some of our project books and "How to" guides. I will add things like the electronics kit and other "make it" kits to this area. I hope that the children will chose their own projects to work on from the ideas in these books.

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