Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Zealand Adventure - Waitomo Caves

Our first full day in New Zealand had us heading to Waitomo Caves.  Firstly we went into the glow worm cave - photos are not allowed as the flash can disturb the glow worms but it looked something like this:

It was absolutely amazing! Hundred of tiny glow worms shining down from the cave roof.

Next we headed to the Aranui caves which has the most beautiful formations. We also got to see a cave weta, a large, grasshopper like insect.

Entrance to Aranui cave

The cauliflower

Cave weta

Lastly we headed down the fantastic spiral entrance into Ruakuri cave. This was our longest cave tour and took us deep underground into the cave. Below the walkway on which we were travelling, suspended over the river below, we caught glimpses of other visitors in their rubber tubes taking the black water, wet, cave tour.

Entrance to Ruakuri cave

Tune in again tomorrow to see if we have an Internet connection to show you our next adventure.

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