Monday, 28 January 2013

New Zealand Adventure - Lake Taupo

Today we headed north from Wellington to Taupo. Again we had great views across Tongariro National Park's volcanoes. We could even see the currently active steam vent on Mt. Tongariro.

Mt. Ruapehu from the other side

We drove around Lake Taupo to the town of the same name. The lake shore beaches are made entirely of pumice from the eruption around 1800 years ago, the lake sits in the eruption crater. The children had a great time chucking pumice stones into the lake to see that yes they really do float.

Pumice beach at Lake Taupo

After the fairly long drive we rewarded ourselves with a visit to DeBretts Spa. Here we soaked in the 40C thermal pools, played in the water playground and rode the super fast dragon water slide.

After dinner there was still time to play at the holiday park's playground and jumping pillow. Tomorrow we go in search of waterfalls,  hot springs and mud pots.

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