Saturday, 12 January 2013

Alexander The Great

Yesterday we went to the the Alexander the Great exhibition at the Australian Museum. The exhibition is probably aimed at an adult audience but the children loved it. There were hundreds of paintings and objects from the time of Alexander the Great. Of course we weren't allowed to take photos, grrrr. The children talked almost constantly about what they were seeing; remarking on the designs and materials and considering what the objects were used for or what the paintings depicted. The old biddies also viewing the exhibition kept smiling and commenting on how engaged the children were. Quite a surprise for them I expect given the type of behaviour elsewhere in the museum (it's the school holidays). We also managed to catch a stage show about Alexander and the museum, along with shield decorating.

Playing emperors with their Alexander the Great shields

We bought a couple of postcards from their very disappointing range and scrounged some leaflets from the museum. Back at home today the children made their first scrapbook page for our day-trips album.

By R

By L

In February there will be a re-enactment day at the museum which we also hope to attend.

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