Friday, 7 September 2012


Today the children read some riddles and then had a go at writing their own.

Here's a riddle we wrote together:

It is sweet but not sour.
We eat the flesh but it's not an animal.
It's skin is red but it could be green.
In the middle it's yellow and crunchy.

An Apple.

The children then wrote their own riddles:

I'm invisible but I stink.
I come from a butt but I'm not a poo.
Everyone does me but I'm not breathing.
I stink like an egg but I'm not an omelette.
I'm made of gas but I'm not smoke.
Sometimes I'm loud, sometimes soft.
I make someone grossed out.
What am I?

A Fart

By R

I'm large but can be small.
I can walk up walls without a ladder.
I live in the desert and in your garden.
I like the heat but not the cold.
What am I?

A lizard

By L

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  1. I like L's riddle very much! Congratulations on passing the registration hurdle :D