Monday, 3 September 2012

Not Starting School Hurrah!

This week many of L's friends from playgroup are starting school in the UK. L would be due to start this week too despite being only 4 years and 1 week old, and currently the size of a 2 year old. I'm so happy that there are other choices and, in Australia, no one will be hassling us about school for L for another 2 years. Good luck to all her little friends for their fist week.

This week we are due to have our registration meeting for R who turns 6 this month. I'm not too worried about it as I have everything ready, I just find it a minor annoyance and waste of my time. Unlike in the UK, registration for home education is compulsory in Australia.

This week we also leave for our home school road trip (with 150 others), so whilst some kids are meeting new teachers and staying inside we will be camping, cycling and having adventures.

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