Sunday, 3 June 2012

Powerhouse - Lego & Narnia

L and R and their friend meet a Lego robot

Yesterday we took a trip into Sydney to visit the Powerhouse Museum. Our main aim was to see the Sydney Brick Show - a display of Lego models including those made by our very own friend and fellow home-educator "Lego Pete". The queue to get in was ENORMOUS and we were cursing coming on a weekend which we wouldn't normally do but the show was only on for 2 days.

Some of "Lego Pete's" creations

Some of "Lego Pete's" creations

Flowers made with all sorts of Lego including Lego men legs

Hogwarts castle

Huge rocket

Space station and construction site

The kids friend K entered the competition and won with this model penguin

We also went in to visit the Narnia exhibition; R is reading the books at the moment. Of course we weren't allowed to take photos of the props and costumes from the films but it was pretty good.

We also had a go on some of the experiments in the museum before retreating away from the crowds to the peace of the members lounge.

The kids and their friends investigate a plasma ball

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