Saturday, 3 September 2011


I have just discovered the website This is a great website if you remember things visually like I do.

You know how it goes, you see a great idea on a website and bookmark it. 6 months later you want to look at it again but you cant remember what it was called and then spend hours looking through your bookmarks. With this site you make a visual bookmark using images from the page you are bookmarking. So with a quick glance you can find what you're after, click the picture and you're on the page you need.

Looking back through your pins (picture bookmarks) you can get re-inspired remembering all those great ideas you were going to use but forgot about.

The website also allows you to share your pin-boards (visual bookmark collections), and to browse those of others.

To view mine click on the Follow Me on Pinterest button here or on the side bar.

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