Friday, 30 September 2011

One Crazy Term

Its the "school holidays" and I'm NOT planning next terms work. In fact we have got a large amount of this term's work done in the quieter holiday period. We have plenty planned that we have still not gotten to. I was aware this would happen as I had planned lots of activities for our architecture project, more than enough for 1 term. What with moving house we have got a bit behind, which I also expected. The upside? Not much planning to do for term 4, just carry on with what we have.

We also have another crazy term coming up when we will be away in the mountains for a few days, travelling to the UK for a wedding and attending our home-school camp. Add to that several trips, swimming and music lessons and we are hardly going to be in!

Keep your eye on the blog to see how we all cope.

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