Saturday, 3 September 2011

Moving Home

I've been rather quite lately due to us moving home. We have finally bought a place in Australia. Despite the exchange rate on the pound being totally rubbish we couldn't miss out on our new huge place.

We have done very little "school" work the last couple of weeks as we have been packing, moving, unpacking and rearranging. I have finally got the children's rooms sorted out. The rest of the house is a "work in progress"!

We have so much space now we really have a place to do everything.

The small playroom. With "small world" and "construction" toys

One end of the large playroom with our "art & messy" area, music centre, work tables and resources storage.

Other end of the large playroom with role play area

We have used the upstairs lounge as a library and quiet "chill out zone". We have the CD player for audio books and we hope to get a small sofa or other seating soon. R has spent lots of time here already.

The garden still to be sorted out

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