Monday, 5 September 2011

A Different Day

Today could have been a totally different day.

We could have woken at sick o'clock in the morning at our tiny ex-council house to a dreary UK morning. Rushed to get R ready for his first day at school. Fighting the tantrums and the crying, the moaning about the uniform and dragging him away from his reading to go and learn the ABC all over again. Feeling lost and upset without Mum and me without my child.

Thankfully we awoke in our wonderful Sydney home, to sunshine and a lovely warm day. We enjoyed swimming lessons and play in the pool as a family before visiting the garden centre. Feasting at the cafe and choosing our plants to take home. Spending time together in the outdoors planting our vegetables and flowers. Playing board games, talking, eating and reading together.

Thank goodness for home education!

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