Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tickletown - Part 3

We've been working on mail to send to the residents of Tickletown (our junk model village). A while ago R made some stamp designs inspired by stamps we have collected from various countries. We are members of Postcrossing so we have cards from all over the world. We also used pens to design some more stamps for Tickletown mail. I printed these out as a contact sheet so they were just about stamp sized.

We looked trough our postcard collection and the children particularly liked the cityscapes. We made our own cityscape designs using permanent markers and watercolours. R wrote a message on the back for one of Tickletown's residents. We stuck on airmails (free from the post office) and our own stamp designs.

Postcards - top by R bottom by L
Postcard message to Daisy Duck from Tom (Beastquest) by R
We had lots of fun improving our cutting, sticking and folding skills by making parcels. A bit of maths crept in too as we discussed 3D shapes and measured our paper.

We get lots of junk mail at home so we decided to make our own too. We looked at examples of special offer catalogues. The children used the Internet to down load pictures for their catalogues. R unsurprisingly chose "chocolate" and L chose "fruit"

Making junk mail

Chocolate specials by R, Fruit specials by L
 The children used number stamps from Learning Resources to add the prices to their catalogues. R was able to write over these with pens.

Using number stamps

Very expensive chocolate!
R used Word to make a gas bill to send to the Icky, Sticky Frog.

We still have some more things to make before the mail is delivered. Check back soon!

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