Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tickletown - part 1

We have started our maps and post office project by constructing a model town from junk. The kids have named it Tickletown after a game they play with Daddy.

First I stuck a huge piece of paper to the play table and drew on a grid.

Next we used sponge rollers to paint on the rivers and roads. We also added a lake and some car parks.

The kids used junk to make houses, including some fab cereal packets which were already house shaped.
We painted them and stuck on clip art windows. We also made a few models from Owl & Mouse.

We added the models to the base map along with some toy cars, road signs, trees and farm animals.

The kids have enjoyed playing with it today.

The next part of the project will be to name the roads and number the houses. We had a look around our neighbourhood today to see how houses are numbered and to look at different street names. Once we have our houses numbered we will have to decide who lives in them. We will be reading the Jolly Postman, a wonderful story with "real" letters inside it, for some inspiration. We have a free DVD and educational pack from  Australia Post and we have learnt how post is sorted and delivered. Soon we will make and address post to send around Tickletown!

Drop by soon to see how it goes.

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