Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lewers Gallery

We joined our friends at Home Education Penrith for a trip to the Lewers gallery to view the Aboriginal artworks and try our hands at clay sculpture.

We had a tour round the gallery and examined the colourful artworks. The kids used the map on the gallery floor to find out where abouts in Australia the paintings had been made and which tribe had made them.

Our guide explained how the artists made paints from crushed up rocks. We also found out that the Aboriginal people paint a picture first and then cover it with a second picture. This protects their secrets and traditions from outsiders.

R and his best friend study the picture

Moving on to the clay workshop we all had a try at sculpting our own clay fish.

L and Mummy's fish (left), R's one-eyed fish (right)

The gallery also had a nice garden which the group roamed around in for a while before we headed off for lunch.

Once at home we used various sponges and our fingers to make Aboriginal style paintings.

Painting by R

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