Saturday, 15 April 2017

Our Foster Babies

We're doing out bit for homeless and orphaned cats. We picked up these 7 week old kittens from Cat Haven. Well be fostering them for a few weeks until they are ready to be re-homed. Fluffy at the front is Columbus (the explorer). The 3 black kittens behind are (left to right), Holly (the tiny runt of the litter), Coal (the destroyer of furniture), and Sampson (the biggest and strongest with a thing for mice on elastic). The tabby is Tiger (who is the least tiger-like of them all and very shy).

These kittens are not ready to go yet but there are always cats and kittens at Cat Haven waiting to be adopted or fostered.

Drawing - Form

By L
Today we worked on our drawing course from the Virtual Instructor. This lesson was on form. We warmed up with a blind contour drawing of some scissors and then we drew again looking this time.

By R

By R
By L
We then worked on form; making sure to show several sides of 3D objects and to add shade in the correct places.

By R

By L

By L

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Perth-fect Days

After the grey skies of England is great to be back in Perth with some perfect weather - check out that blue sky!!

We went into the city to the Art Gallery of Western Australia to see a couple of exhibitions including glass sculptures, high-school finals art work and Aboriginal art. As usual there were a few controversial things on display and we learnt a variety of new, colourfully presented swear words! I don't make an issue out of some of the artworks deliberately designed to shock that are often displayed at the gallery, the children just see it as another art piece, or another naked person and carry on without making a fuss. We had lots of discussion about human rights and how people are treated badly or oppressed.

We liked this high-school art piece (below). Its a clever photograph of a girl whose body has been painted and a painting she is holding.

This high-school piece is about homeless children who are forced to take shelter in the sewers.

We've also spent the weekend at Joondalup Festival watching circus and comedy shows. The photos below are by Luke Baker from Joondalup festival 2017

The children and their friends were in the lantern parade (above); they decided to dye their hair for the occasion.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Chilly Countryside Walk

It was pretty chilly out today in the UK. We took a walk around Frensham Pond and soon warmed up.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Weald and Downland

It was another day of history at the Weald and Downland Living Museum. The children found out about life in Medieval times, tasted bread cooked over the log fire, and explored the various buildings. The adults got to try beer made to a traditional Tudor recipe.

Toll House

Tudor Toilet

Slag from blacksmith's furnace

In the watermill the children had a go at grinding wheat into flour using traditional grindstones.