Saturday, 2 January 2016

Adventure West - Nullar-Boring

Today we made it half way across the Nullarbor desert. A very, very boring road! Still there were some sights along the way.

For information about the route check out Nullarbor Net

At Head of Bight we saw the beautiful ocean colours and the Bunda cliffs, which at about 800km long are the longest sea cliffs in the World. It wasn't the right time of year for whales though.

Bunda Cliffs

Antarctica is out there somewhere

Whale bones
Never mind, we saw 2 "Big Whales" on the roadside.

We've crossed over into Western Australia and are mighty confused by the time zones. WA is 2.5 hours behind SA but, in the region either side of the border, the towns seem to have made up their own local times too!

Big Kangaroo

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Campsite cat
We took a short drive down to the ruined telegraph station at Eucla where the sand dune is burying the building. Eyre's memorial is here too.

About 725km further to our next stop!

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