Sunday, 3 January 2016

Adventure West - The Long Road

Today we finally made it across the Nullarbor; a long and tedious journey. We've driven just about 4000km since leaving home.

Road train - R and L for scale!
The Eyre highway in this area also doubles as a runway for the royal flying doctor service.

On the way we passed one of the Nullarbor blow holes. It wasn't blowing but did contain a dead snake.

At Balladonial Roadhouse we looked into the tiny museum. It contains parts of the US "Sky Lab" space station which broke up as it entered Earth's atmosphere in 1979, scattering fragments over the plain. The US was issued with a $400 littering fine!

Other exhibits included a stuffed camel and a selection of native poop!

We'll now take a meandering route across WA to Perth.

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