Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Adventure West - Mungo National Park

We're moving house. So what better way to move from Sydney to Perth than a camping road trip. First stop was Mungo National Park.

The park is very remote so we stocked up on food, water and extra petrol for the trip. We stayed at the lovely "Main Camp" which is little more than a cleared area in the desert scrub. A little disturbing were the scorpions who shared the camp with us. 

Tarmac roads of NSW

A rather choppy lake along the way
The road into Mungo

Outback "rest area"

Shower block at Main Camp
Once at the park we had a look around the visitors centre and then took the 70km loop road to all the sights. There were many emus and kangaroos along the way.

Extinct mungo megafauna

Outback dunny #1

Walls of China

Bush emus

Nature walk

Desert victim

Outback dunny #2
We passed by the ruined Zanci homestead where the children explored the underground bunker which was a good few degrees cooler than the surrounding desert. 



On the loop road we came to a feral goat trap. The depression in the ground once used to collect water for the pioneers now catches goats attracted to the moisture. A platform allows the goats to jump over the fence into the enclosure. once inside the goats cannot escape as there is no ramp on the other side. 

Feral goat trap
In the evening we took a sunset tour of the Walls of China with Graham from Harry Nanya Tours. The tour is not cheap but you can only walk the walls with a ranger. After we had sampled some bush tucker we learnt all about the formation of the park and its cultural heritage. The dunes are covered with Aboriginal artefacts and burials. Mungo Man, 45-68 thousand year old modern human, was discovered in this World Heritage area. The tour was excellent and well worth the cost.

Explaining termites

The children had a great time running down the sand dunes.

Sand painting by L

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