Friday, 3 July 2015

Toys - Experimenting and Making

In the last few days the children have been experimenting with different toys and the forces that act upon them to make them move. We found out that many toys we own operate by stretching or squashing springs.

We made an elastic band powered boat.

We compared springs to elastic bands and made a car catapult.

We also tried letting cars roll down a slope to see how far they went. We changed the type of car first whilst keeping everything else the same.

Next we kept the slope and car the same and added weights to the car to see what effect this had.

Lastly we used the same car and changed the angle of the slope. The children recorded and graphed their results.

R worked on a course from FutureLearn: Begin Robotics whilst L used her craft skills to make a peg doll and a thaumatrope. R has also been attending Lego robotics workshops.

Lego Robotics

The children made a timeline of toys from the past. Find the resource (and others) here.

They tied out this Bayko building set toy from the 1960s. it's not as easy to construct the models as it is with Lego! We also had a game of marbles.

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