Sunday, 12 July 2015

Planning Term 3

Term 3 is almost upon us and I have just about completed the planning.

This term we will continue on with Story of the World and our study of the middle ages. We'll combine story of the world with unit studies from Intellego.

In science we will be looking at materials and their uses and this will also link to art where we will experiment with lots of materials and techniques to make some themed smashbooks.

For geography we will be looking at news locally and around the world and making Google Earth tours to show what we have discovered.

For technology we will be looking at sandwiches and their packaging and making some up for our friends.

We'll be doing lots more cooking in food-technology and health. We will be using the curriculum from the amazing Food a Fact of Life website.

In IT we'll carry on with computer programming from Scratch and also used Word to explore different forms of writing.

English and maths will continue as they are using the Jolly Grammar, Targeting Maths and Maths Online resources.

We'll fit in some visits to galleries and the science festival and hopefully a camping trip too.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next update!

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