Monday, 6 April 2015

Electricity Project Week - Introduction

This pen conducts electricity
This week the children are learning about electricity. We have been using resources from Ausgrid including a great set of 4 lessons about electricity using videos, quizzes and interactives.  They are designed for smart boards but you can use the ordinary PDF version on your computer, just make sure you have Flash installed.

We have been testing different materials to see which conducts electricity.

If you use a LED in your circuit instead of a bulb you will also be able to find out that tap/salty water conducts electricity but that distilled does not - important for later in the week as you will see.

We talked about how electricity gets into the home and had a look into our fuse box. These two books below explain well how electricity is generated and sent into our homes.

We discussed safety and played this safety game from Aurora Energy.

We'll be doing more experiments and making more circuits throughout the week.

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