Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Italian Food and Architecture

Today's Italian cooking featured Siena cake (above) cooked by R. This cake is best served up with a cup of tea and a comprehensive dental insurance policy!!!


We went to the garden centre to look for some Italian herbs to plant. The children are obsessed with basil but its winter right now so we choose some seeds to plant up inside. Hopefully by the time they are big enough to plant out the frosts will be gone.

L was making pesto for lunch and we couldn't wait for the seeds to grow so here's one grown earlier by Aldi.

L used her home-made pesto to stuff some chicken breasts.

Later the children choose their favourite piece of Italian architecture to make these relief cut-outs. They don't photograph well but in real life they look pretty good with their 3D depth effect. We just printed out several copies of an image onto card and decided which parts would be on the front, middle and back layers. We cut out the appropriate parts and layered them with rigid pieces of card between to stop them flopping. We got the idea from Scholastic's "Country Reports Projects" e book.

Leaning tower of Pisa by R

Colosseum by L

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