Tuesday, 24 June 2014


We are just beginning a unit study on Romans. We're using the Story of the World as our base curriculum. I have the story book and the resource guide which contains printable maps and worksheets along with recipes and suggestions for other activities, crafts and games. We're also following the Romans unit study from Intellego.


I'm combining these 2 unit studies with geography and history lessons plans from QCA (village settlers and Romans). We have quite a few books of our own on the subject of Romans which we will supplement with more library books each week.

We recently visited the UK which has quite a few Roman sites. The children already have a good idea about Roman life from these visits. We have also been studying Antony and Cleopatra in our English lessons. See these previous posts:
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To begin with we have been learning some vocabulary and discussing invasion and settlement and how the two can be linked. We talked about the Celtic people who lived in the UK before the Romans came and how the 2 groups were different.

We looked at maps of Roman settlements and discussed reasons why these sites were chosen, for example close to water and other resources and easy to defend. The children then designed their own perfect settlement with everything the new arrivals would need.

We have looked at Roman numerals and learnt some Latin which the children loved. We found out that lots of modern words have Latin roots.

We will be spending around 3 weeks on this topic with lots of hands-on activities, crafts and cookery. Watch this space.

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