Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blue Waterholes

Today we did a little off road driving to the Blue Waterholes area of the park. Here we hoped to try the Clarke Gorge walking track but the water level in the stream was just to high to allow us to cross safely. Dad waded across just to make sure!

So instead we decided to try the longer (but drier) Nichols George track. This was a great hike which included exploring 2 caves. There were no lights and guided tours here; just us alone with our torches. The limestone forming the caves here is full of fossils. We found many Brachiopods and Crinoids in the 400+ million year old rocks.

On our return we stopped for a wander around the old Coolamine Homestead. Here several buildings still survive from the 1800's gold rush era.

Cheese storage barn

Once again it was back to camp by the river and a quick fire to warm ourselves before the sub zero night!

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