Thursday, 8 August 2013

Coffs Harbour - Butterflies, Adrenalin and Relaxation

Today the children woke hideously early without their back-out blinds to the sound of birdsong (and Mum moaning about morning!). Out on our cabin veranda L made friends with a cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet.

First stop of the day was the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House. Here we spent a good while watching the butterflies flutter about from tree to tree. Outside there was a maze to get lost in. We also managed to do a little geocaching as there was a cache hidden at the attraction.

Next it was time for us to get our adrenalin pumping at Raleigh International Raceway. No one wanted to go in the go-cart with slow old Mum, but a toss of the coin sorted that out. Girls vs boys. We got lapped 3 times!

For something a little more relaxing we headed into Bongil Bongil national park for a picnic and stroll.

A short drive from the picnic area, in another section of the park, we took the rainforest walk. There were lots of amazing plants along the way including huge Staghorn Ferns clinging to trees, fan palms and strangler vines.

Close to the car-park there was also access onto the beach.

Our last stop for the day was Boambee Headland. Here there were great views across Sawtell and the national park surrounding the area. We clambered down onto the beach to get a close look at the lichen encrusted rocks. Along the cliff top path we made our second geocache discovery of the day and released one of our trackables.

Once back at the cabin we discovered L had picked up a tick on her back. Assisted by Google and the tweezers (a permanent fixture in out first aid kit since "the cactus incident") Dad removed the bug and flushed it down the loo! Just time for a quick go on the playground before crashing into bed.

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