Thursday, 23 May 2013

Story Writing

This term we are working on story writing. The children are loving it so far. We have been investigating what "ingredients" go together to make up a story, for example genre, setting, characters, and plot. The children have already worked on their characters and setting using some worksheets from Sparklebox.  We found these character writing frames especially useful. 

Today the children put all their hard work together and wrote their story. They worked collaboratively, included both their characters and negotiated about setting and plot. Here's what they came up with:

Stolen Treasure

Once upon a time a rude pirate called Black-Beard sailed to a treasure island. The treasure was stolen by a wizard called Ozo. Black-Beard was very angry because the treasure had been stolen off him by the nasty and wicked wizard.

Black-Beard got off at the island and tried to find the treasure. He saw the Red Indians guarding the castle so he hid in the woods. The fairy god mother called Lilly was going to pick some roses in the forest. She saw the pirate and she took a photo. She sent the photo to Feather Hair the fierce and handsome Red Indian. The photo appeared floating in front of Feather Hair’s face. He looked at it and said to the Indian army “Guard the castle; he’s probably going to come here next”.

Black- Beard the pirate came out of the wood and tried to look in the castle but he got captured by the Red Indians. They tied him up in chains and put him in the dungeon and tied him to the ceiling. While everyone was trying up the pirate in the castle the angry and evil wizard Ozo was looking at his crystal ball and saw it happening. He made himself invisible and got into the castle by magic and stole the treasure. The furious wizard disapparated himself into the pirate ship and he sailed off.

The happy wizard shared the treasure with his wife. The pirate died in the castle. The Indians and the fairy godmother lived happily ever after. 

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