Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Blue Mountains Case Study

Today we joined around 40 other children to work on a case study about the crossing of the Blue Mountains. First we read this story about the blue mountains crossing to give us a brief overview.

Next watched a short video introducing the blue mountains today and some of the evidence that still exists from the time of the crossing in 1813. Then the whole group worked together on the case study. The children took on the role of the explorers and had to decide who and what to take with them on their expedition. Choices included guides, hunting dogs, food, water, ropes, compass, tents and more. But we couldn't carry everything! The children then had a series of challenges along the way where they would need to either make the right decision on use a certain piece of equipment (if they had packed it!). We failed in our first few attempts to cross. Finally we worked out what we would need and how we should attempt the crossing. A great team effort.

You can check out the resources we used at Australian History Mysteries.

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