Friday, 12 October 2012

Ocean Project Journals

Today we had a day at home working on our oceans project. I put out all the library books we had on oceans along with our own books. We had quite a collection!

I also put out some art materials, postcards and leaflets from our Maritime Museum visit, and the children's sketch books. I had paid a bit more for watercolour paper books and it was well worth it as the pages can take a lot of paint and collage without wrinkling. I also had the computer available for internet research and for printing out pictures. I pretty much let the children then do what they would with the materials whilst I worked on my own creation. R concentrated on reading but did do a couple of journal pages. L loved painting lots of pictures of fish. We had a book of "How to draw sea creatures", which was really useful.

Fish n sharks by L

Turtle and fish by L

HMAS Vampire by L

Fish, sharks and dolphins by L

Wing head shark by R

Fiddler crab by R

Endeavour by Mum

More Endeavour by Mum

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