Monday, 8 October 2012

Maritime Museum

This week we are doing a project on oceans. We started off our study with a trip to the Australian National Maritime Museum.  The best parts of the museum are the ships and submarine moored outside. The volunteer guides told us lots of interesting facts as we climbed and crouched through the vessels. Here are some pictures from the day.

Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse

At the top of the lighthouse

Endeavour replica

On board Endeavour

Going down into Endeavour's lower deck

Endeavour dining room

Joseph Banks' cabin on Endeavour

Steering Endeavour

Tall ship James Craig

Captains sitting room on the James Craig

HMAS Vampire destroyer

Guns on the Vampire

R in control of Vampire's gun

Sick bay on the Vampire

HMAS Onslow submarine

Onslow torpedo tubes

Evacuate to the surface from the submarine wearing this


Submarine control panels

Spying on Darling Harbour from Onslow's periscope

Dials on the Onslow

Onslow submarine

Kids Pirates exhibition

Some pirates

Captain R

Spirit of Australia - World's fastest boat

Beer can boat

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